Singing Songs of the Half-Light

  What comments are there to make about the Half-Light songs.  Where did you come across the Berkeley songs?


Elizabeth:  That’s mainstream stuff.  Lennox Berkeley is a revered British composer.  The songs are right up my ally vocally.  They were perfect for me.  They were an interesting challenge for Felix and we performed them a lot, we loved those.


Charlie:  What about Thea Musgrave?


Elizabeth:  She’s a prominent and respected composer here in America.  She lives in California.  The pieces were very worthwhile so we did them.  We performed those a lot too.


Charlie:  They were written for guitar already?


Elizabeth:  Yes, Half-Light is an album of songs written for guitar and high voice and not arrangements.


Charlie:  How did you come across the Daniel Pinkham pieces?


Elizabeth:  I worked with Danny all during school days in Boston.  I asked him if he had any voice and guitar pieces and he responded with Antiphons.  He literally handed them to me.


Charlie:  How did you learn about the Confiding songs?


Elizabeth:  I was asking around for British or American pieces.  Gunther Schuler recommended I look into those.


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(Interview with Elizabeth Parcells 2005)