Made in Detroit  

Charlie:The Made in Detroit logo was created by a Detroit artist for use on his line of T shirts, etc.He allowed it to be used for non profit and package labeling purposes.Elizabeth was asked to sing the Doll Song of Olympia from Tales of Hoffman at the gala concert opening the Michigan Opera Theater.(In Tales of Hoffman Olympia is a mechanical doll that sings.)

The audience was to be full of Michigan auto company executives and political leaders.† We printed the logo on card stock, and made a an oversized hang tag which Elizabeth attached to her costume and hid from the audience until she was on stage ready to sing.Elizabeth said she got the reaction she wanted.I heard the performance on radio but didnít attend the event.  A neighbor managed to record a portion of Elizabeth's performance from the radio broadcast.  Here it is.  (CAP)


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Dame Joan Sutherland was in the audiane for this performance and Elizabeth got to visit with her after the concert.